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GenieATM VM Software Version Introduced

GenieATM VM Software Version leverages the benefits of virtualisation by GenieATM virtual machine (VM) supported software version to enable network traffic visibility, security and managed services cost-efficiently.

Network service provider are facing increased competition and diminishing revenue due to the commoditisation of network services. Therefore, it is imperative for service providers to look for optimising their network operations and also for creating new revenue opportunities, such as managed analysis services and managed security services. GenieATM is a IP Flow-based solution which has been proven to provide carrier-grade network traffic visibility and security protection with reasonable deployment costs for carriers. Also for service providers looking for new managed security services (MSSs), GenieATM is a service-enabling solution.

Today many service providers have taken advantage of the operational efficiencies that come from server virtualisation, which provides the benefits of cost reduction and easier service deployment. In response, the virtualised version of GenieATM, GenieATM VM, is now supported.

GenieATM VM version is now commercially available and it is GenieATM software that runs on VMware’s vSphere ESXi hypervisor atop your choices of hardware platforms. GenieATM VM products are available for both GenieATM ISP and MPLS product lines. GenieATM VM offers the same set of network visibility and security features as its appliance-based model, but in a more flexible and cost-efficient manner by leveraging the benefits of a virtualised environment.

In addition to the classic value propositions of appliance-based GenieATM, GenieATM VM provides the added benefits including:

  • Cost effective: Reduce capital expenditure, while also reducing operational costs by lower upfront product costs and more efficient use of resources (less date centre rack space and power consumption, etc.)

  • Rapid deployment: Software images to be downloaded and installed within virtualised infrastructure. No hardware required to ship and the fastest time to operation.

  • Free choices of hardware platforms: The full values of GenieATM can be deployed as appliances and can be deployed as software in a virtualised environment at service providers’ choices.

  • Flexible deployment: Remove the capacity limitations imposed by individual appliances. The VM version together with the GenieATM licensable software models, a tailor-made GenieATM deployment grows as the network environment and the business needs grow.

GenieATM VM leverages the benefits of virtualisation to optimise in-cloud infrastructure by service agility, to reduce capital expenses (CAPEX) by smaller upfront costs, and to lower operating expenditures (OPEX) by improved service efficiency. It also makes the GenieATM-based managed security service even more profitable with the added benefits of virtualisation and cloud computing.

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